One of the most vibrant and colourful nights out in London, with such a variety of attractions you’re sure to have a memorable evening. A real cut-above the standard uninspiring club night.”
The Guardian

“Something totally different with stunning visuals and so much going on. Butterfly Knights really is a night out with a difference!”
The London Paper

“If you are looking for a unique night out in London – this is the answer. One to watch”
Music News

“To say that I was excited about this night would be an understatement… the line-up packed a massive punch. The hype surrounding Burlectric was a testament to the strong bill of show-stopping live acts and DJs, as well as the finer details orchestrated by the creators Butterfly Knights…”
Jane Shepherd for Subba-Cultcha

“It was always going to be a cornucopia of the weird and wonderful from the Moulin Rouge kinkiness of the burlesque to the audience of self styled Dickensian dandies of Hoxton fame! Upon entering, one was met with an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ type world where this long awaited one of a kind uber event could take place… this went from being an already unique concept to a truly remarkable and decadent indulgence for those on the search for something truly different from the norm. “
Tomas Strelczak for Music News

“Burlectric was enough to make anyone trip out… in amongst the spectacle and splendour, there were some awesome live performances… and a fashion show performed on the classic fairy ground ride. “
Craig Mills for Rivmixx

“Butterfly Knights is an amazing concept which always evokes a truly unique atmosphere. I’m very happy to be involved with these astonishing events.”
DJ Busdaphunk

“The Butterfly Knights produce such ambitious, groundbreaking events that I can’t help but feel honored to be part of such an innovative project. You can really tell these guys have a real passion to entertain.”
Clara Gomez

“Cette soirée fut explosive!un pure bonheur d’être venu jouer dans ce lieu mythique! Quelle euphorie de chanter au milieu des robes en couleurs, des magiciens à chapeaux, des lumières se jouant de la nuit! Les sensations d’un coktail underground bien dosé tout simplement!”

“The array of talent on show is so vast, it leaves you wondering where to look or which room to go to next. There really is something for everyone here from rock to mind-games to style and beauty to pumping electronica to art and more. Each time it gets bigger with more things to see, hear and do; it’s exciting to see what surprises are in-store…”
Johan ten Houten

“Playing with the BK crew is absolutely amazing as you’re surrounded by such a talented group of artists that I love every minute up on that stage”

Contemporary macroeconomic matrix harmony

Contemporary macroeconomic matrix harmony

Modern day economics has contributed to the rise and economic continuing development of western world much like the States, Japan and Chinese suppliers. Modeern macroeconomics stresses on using macroeconomic signs to stimulate and regulate the economical continuing development of an economic conditions. Nevertheless, differing opinions are available about the legitimate dimension and gratifaction of macroeconomic software in the economic climate. Continue reading »

Eco-Friendly Building Designers

Eco-Friendly Building Designers

Eco-friendly building designers are committed to working towards a better eco-friendly environment. The designs and materials used for new construction help property owners meet current zoning laws, building regulations and safety codes. Today’s architects and engineers work towards using the latest techniques and methods available for improved air quality, energy conservation and reduced waste.Carefully designed buildings and properties try to reduce their waste during construction as much as possible by staying regional and recycling materials. The fewer building materials sent to area landfills, the less pollution found in local soils and water tables. Many designers attempt to include local products and materials into their projects thereby lowering fuel consumption for transportation.

Manufacturers are creating highly efficient windows and energy collection units that many building designers are incorporating into their projects. Solar panels and energy efficient windows improve living conditions and save money. Improved insulation products and methods save on heating and cooling expenses. Using programmable equipment such as thermostats and water heaters allows for better control during lower usage periods for home owners and property owners.

Building designers at Luxury Living Homes are acutely aware of the impact their projects have in the local environments. Minimizing the impact of a project is an important commitment. Using minimally invasive building techniques or materials reduces the danger to local infrastructures. These steps help to improve overall air quality and soil health while taking advantage of any tax incentives or benefits local governments may offer.

Eco-friendly building designers work hard to stay informed as the industry changes on an almost daily basis. The latest materials and methods available help reduce the damages to local environments while decreasing pollutants and chemicals in the air, water and soil.

Puma’s internet marketing strategy is another try gameplay

Puma’s internet marketing strategy is another try gameplay

Puma has created considerable strides from the casual, sportswear and athletic companies. It stems out in the form of Germany international business with operations addressing in 80 nations around the world. Irrespective of staying integrated by two Germany brothers, it has been the idea of Rudolf Dassler that burgeon the large shoes or boots manufacturer. Continue reading »

Reebok Encompasses a Mean to Strengthen Earnings With New Worldwide Campaign

Reebok Encompasses a Mean to Strengthen Earnings With New Worldwide Campaign

Reebok is usually an Us citizen-founded identity that can make and areas lifestyle and sports materials. The merchandise are designed in order to reach selected telephone calls in weight loss, sports activities in addition to categories for ladies. The corporation is targeted on coming up with goods and moreover internet marketing tips that show inspiration and make certain conditioning. Continue reading »